Concert Tickets available at Community Events

Good news. We finally have our tickets available on line for everyone. Please head over to  and search in the Community Events.

Or click here to be taken directly to our kiosk.  You may order as many as 20 tickets at a time in one visit.  You may return there to cancel tickets, too.  This is really important to us because we are expecting a sell-out crowd, so we’re keeping close count of our tickets.

As an added convenience, you may wish to pre-pay for your DVD of our concert event.  You will receive your DVD in the mail within 30 days. Click here to start now.

Photo Shoot at Foster Botanical Garden

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Voices of Aloha members came together at the Foster Botanical Garden for their Spring Concert photo shoot.  And WOW.  So fun to use spring hats and parasols for a “new” look as they adorned our bright concert red muu’s and shirts. And it was even more playful to enjoy climbing over rocks to set up the perfect photo pose.  Well, you know how it is when you’re looking for that special look.  Positioning, lighting, and everything else has to be just so.  And it was 🙂

Foster Botanical Garden was the perfect site for our enjoyment, and we know the pictures are going to be special.

Big mahalo to the staff at the gardens.  We love your place!

And big mahalo to Derrek Mirahira for a fabulous photo. WOW.

VOICES at Foster Gardens